Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K 1, 2, 3, 4 Summary Post

Children in a classroom

C4K #1
For the first C4K assignment, I was assigned Erick in Mrs. Huebner's class. For the assignment, the class was told to do a biopoem. Erick enjoys swimming, helping others, wants to be strong and smart, and is afraid of the dark. I told Erick that it was okay to be afraid of the dark, because it can sometimes be a scary place. I also told him that he is very bright and couldn't wait to read more about him.

C4K #2
For the second week of C4K, I was assigned to Abbie's blog from Mrs. Kilgo's class. For their assignment, they were to research a desert animal and blog about it with anything they had learned. Abbie's animal was a zebra and I actually learned something from it. This is what I told her, that her blog had actually managed to show me what I did not know about the animal.

C4K #3
For this week, I was assigned to watch the video put together by Danielle, Elise, and Cade on Satchel Paige. I thought these children did a fantastic job! You couldn't even tell that it was the first time they had filmed the interview. They spoke clearly and the student operating the camera did a great job, because some people just don't know how to operate things like that, myself included. I really can't wait to see more projects like this from the St. Elmo's Explorers or Coastal Technology Project. It seems really fascinating.

C4K #4
Countries I would like to visit and why - John
For the latest C4K, I was assigned John and his post made me smile. He wants to visit the United States, because his father's family lives here. He wants to go to Las Vegas when he is older so he can play in the casinos. He also wants to play for the New York Yankees. Lastly, he wants to go to Samoa so he can visit his grandfather. I thought, for the most part, this post was really touching and you can see what is most important for him. He loves his family and that's great. I've really enjoyed reading these blogs the past four weeks, because children are so inventive and show just how far-reaching technology can be.


  1. "...some people just don't know how to operate things like that, myself included..." I hope you learn soon!

    I hope you find C4K beneficial to you. I know from the comments of the teachers that they find them useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!

  2. Great post!I was also assigned a c4k where the students did a video interview on Satchel Paige. I really enjoyed that interview those students did.