Sunday, October 30, 2011

C4T #3 Summary

What Now? What Next? So What?

For C4T #3 I was assigned the blog at . The person who runs the blog teaches Year 3 in Hamilton, New Zealand. He also runs a class blog and is a supporter of a PLE and the idea of technology in the classroom. Looking through some of his posts, its great to see how people outside of colleges love the idea of technology to further their student's education. Both of the comments I posted are still awaiting approval, so I'm not entirely sure he has seen them yet.

The first post I commented on was originally posted on April 27th, 2011 as the earliest one I could find was on camp for the school he teaches at. This post talked about QR codes as an app you can find on smart phones. Basically, you can turn the image of a somebody's mouth into a QR code that can be read using a smart phone. When you scan the code, you hear what they have recorded. He even included a video on how to do this. I thought this idea was really intriguing, especially viewing it from a History perspective. It could really make the subject come alive for students. While it would be quite difficult to do this on a large scale of a classroom, because you'd have to make sure there was access to a QR scanner, the idea is still a great. I would love to try something like this in a classroom I teach in and who knows, by the time I graduate it may be completely feasible.

The second post I commented on, I actually went a little further back to find and I chose it because the idea is so fascinating to me! Now this post was over a year old, but when I went digging, I found that it was still completely relevant to today. In the post, he talked about how the Internet as a whole had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last year. I found another article that said it had been nominated again for this year. First, I thought this was a little ridiculous. The internet, really? The thing I use to get on Facebook and keep track of classes? However, it really has done a lot for us. Not only does it connect people in ways they never thought possible. Why shouldn't the Internet win? Not only that, but the blogger made a good point. This is not only for the Internet, but for the people as whole, because people have made the Internet what it is.


  1. Did you type your first sentence how you wanted it to be read? It doesn't make sense. Don't forget to proofread.
    The QR code idea is really fascinating!

  2. You are right, it doesn't make much sense, because there was supposed to be a link. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm going to fix it. Thanks!

  3. Hi Meagan, I really enjoyed browsing the teacher's blog you had. I thought the app that he was talking about was really neat as well. I think that you are doing a good job! Keep up the good work. -Michelle