Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post 11

Little Kids...Big Potential

Little Kids...Big Potential and Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy
For starters, when I first watched the video about the first graders, I actually had to stop and go back to make sure I had read everything correctly. The video is aptly titled, because they are little kids with big potential! If first graders can learn this technology, then people should not be afraid to give it a try, because anyone can learn; they just have to be willing to do it. With that being said, the biggest impediment with trying this in a class with such young students is facing resistance from the parents as well as safety concerns. Ms. Cassidy answered this very well, because it is just a matter of making sure they know where they can and cannot go. It's also a trust concern, trusting them to listen to your advice and understand.

One thing I really like is, obviously, the blogging. I can see the pros in using a blog so students can complete assignments or even projects. It would also be a great way to make sure homework is actually being done at home. However, there is the possibility that some students may not have access to a computer or internet connection. I believe that once a parent is on board and can see the benefits, they will do anything in their power to help their child succeed. I also really liked the wikispaces idea she had, with getting group collaboration from around the globe. Technology doesn't have to foster singular education, but rather teamwork and group participation.


  1. Hi Maegan,
    I agree with you that Ms. Cassidy's first graders are amazing. Before this class I never thought that kids in such early grades could do all of those things with technology! I don't know if you hope to teach here in Mobile County like I do, but I have been wondering about how to get the parents of my students to embrace their students' use of technology. I definitely think that will be a challenge. I think you made some really good points!

  2. "However, there is the possibility that some students may not have access to a computer or internet connection." Possibly. But less and less likely. And available at school, libraries, churches, etc.