Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Project 16 Progress Report

The Green team has a few main ideas to work with

1. Talk to teachers we know about opinion of tech in classroom
a. Smartboards
b. Twitter
c. Blogs
d. Internet in general
e. Podcasts
2. How to survive EDM 310 (LAST)
3. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of tech in classrooms with the opinion of the intentions of the company that designed the product
a. Smartboards
b. Podcasts
c. Educational websites/ Wikipedia/ Youtube/ forums
d. Blogs
e. Timetoast
4. Doodling in classrooms
5. Mainstream movies in classroom that might not be completely accurate should they be shown in classrooms

Number three is the most probable project for us. No matter which topic we choose we each plan on choosing one topic and doing research so in the final project we can each present our findings.

The Green Team consists of Brandon Hasting, Whitney Watson, and myself.

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