Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Post 12

Black and white saying Be creative

As we are nearing the final weeks of this class, we have all had our fair share of problems with various things. Maybe your problem was with figuring out your blog with the various posting, the editing HTML, or even with the ALT and TITLE modifiers. Maybe you fought with your Timetoast the first time you were asked to create one. Or maybe your problem was with anything Google related. Not all of us can be tech-savvy, but as we are nearing the end, we have solved all of our various problems, whether it was asking an assistant or e-mailing Dr. Strange, we got to the answer.

But don't you wish there had been a quick tutorial? Maybe a short 30-second video for when you completely blanked on how to do an ALT or TITLE modifier or even a little video on how to work the various screen capture programs. I know this class is about finding the answer and not having someone show you everything. However, we all have a brain lapse. A momentary panic when you go "AHHH! I don't know what I'm doing!" So, I think the blog post that should've been this semester would be to take an aspect of the class you struggled with and create a video, showcasing your mastery of this aspect.

Different things you can use are:
1. Adding pictures to your blog
2. ALT and TITLE modifiers
3. Anything Google related
4. Timetoast
5. Screen capture
6. C4K, C4T
7. Wordle
8. Anything else you want

I think this should be a blog post because the video could be used to show a first timer how to get through something that might be a little tricky at first. It could also show that the person has mastered something they struggled with all semester. For me, it would be the ALT and TITLE modifiers, because they were always giving me trouble.

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