Monday, November 14, 2011

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom blog

Young boy with laptop in a classroom

I really love Mrs. Yollis' blog as it differs drastically from other blogs that we've looked at and commented on, both student and educator alike. One of the things I looked at was finding out just who Mrs. Yollis was and I love that she said she was a lifelong learner. This is what we have been told from the beginning, that we must be willing to be learners our entire life. It's also amazing that so many people are in tune to her blog. This idea of technology in the classroom is spreading, as it very well should. This blog is used on a daily basis and connects students, parents, and visitors alike. She posts videos for days like Veteran's Day, making her third graders very in tune to the outside world. I applaud Mrs. Yollis and her blog; it makes me want to do it myself.

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  1. "... it makes me want to do it myself." We hope you will!