Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K 5, 6, 7, 8 Summary Post

Blogging:With the right stage and the right voice there's no limit to the size of your audience

C4K #5
For this C4K, I was assigned the Little Voices, Little Scholars blog of Mrs. Jenny She. The post I commented on was that of a little boy named Angelo, who was talking about the All Blacks Rugby team. I told him that I had no idea what rugby was, but his video had made me want to find out about it. I also congratulated him on how descriptive his sentences were. I really like being able to see what other kids in classrooms around the world are doing and this was really interesting.

C4K #6
The second C4K was the blog of a Year 3 class at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I commented on a post about Khaia making two animations, which considering I cannot make animations, I found really cool. She even included sound effects as well as her explaining the animations. I said that her animations went along perfectly with everything and even though the videos were short, there was a lot said.

C4K #7
For this C4K I was assigned the blog of Noel and I cannot remember what class he belongs to as I have lost that link. Not only that, but my comment seems to have disappeared from or not been accepted by his blog. Anyway, I read his short story about a toy that walks at night. While there were some grammar issues, the story was very descriptive and I really did enjoy reading it. While doing so, I could actually picture my younger cousins being overdramatic and telling this story to someone in the family.

C4K #8
For the final October C4K I was assigned the blog of a year 6 class at Pt England School. The post I commented on was by a girl explaining the rules of a game she had been taught called Maui and Matau. While I didn't understand the meaning of the words, she did a great job of explaining it to someone who really had no idea what she was talking about. It even seemed like it would be fun for younger children to play and I told her this.

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